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Applications and Advantages of Recording Sound Module

04 Nov 2017 -

Recording sound module has been widely used in many fields, such as gift recording rose, recording plush toy teddy bear, recording machines in communications, as well as reporters’ requisite recorders, just because of the advantages of the recording sound module:

1. Long time recording;

2. Repeatable recording and playback , you can also customize a variety of functions;

3. With different applications according to set different voice prompts;

4. Support direct key control and single-chip serial control;

5 Recording sample rate is about 8KHz, recording and playback sound quality is good;

6. Fixed audio supports 6KHz ~ 24KHz sampling rate;

7. Download sound files via the USB, transfer speed is fast;

8. Independent fixed audio area and recording area;

9. Fool software support WAV, MP3, ADPCM download, support for recording content upload;

10. Can record 30 minutes to 16 hours (depending on the plug-in NAND-FLASH may be) high-quality voice.

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