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Celebrating Birthday

08 Mar 2016 - Xinditai electronic,recordable greeting card,download sound chip,Musical chip

We planed to dine together and gave a big surprise party for celebrating our engineers Mr. Zou.

We are dancing, we are singing, we are playing funny games. We all enjoy ourselves!


During the party, Mr. Zou makes self-affirming declarations.

“Thank you everybody, thanks for giving me this surprise, i am grateful for what you do tonight and i am so happy! At the beginning of this year, I was recommended as the production manager. Thank you for everybody’s trust!

I will lead my team towards healthier attitude, diligent, pragmatic, innovate development, and I will try my best to support our partners and to be their solid backing, I wish everyone can achieve goals ahead of time by working hard, In addition, I want to lead our team to have positive and effective communication with all departments, which is good for solving every problem between team.

Last but not least, My goal is that defective rate is not higher than two over one thousand, the production loss rate is not higher than one over one thousand with zero complaint.” Mr. Zou, our new product manager said.