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Christmas party

30 Dec 2015 - Shenzhen Xinditai Electronics Company

Shenzhen xinditai electronics co.,Ltd took part in Christmas party in the Christmas evening.

The Christmas party was held by Shenzhen enterprise trade tenth military region in December 25th, 2015, 

The theme is“ORDER GO GO GO", Which means that we wish a merry Christmas and believe that we will be successful.

There are many performances, such as performing magic, singing performance, team dance, jazziness, sketch, etc. Those are wonderful and amazing performances, which make all the members have fun in that Christmas party. But what is the most attractive is that everyone rely on their own luck that could extract their own gifts one by one. It is very exciting.

What's the most cheerful thing is that our team dance take the second place and receive a reward.

We do enjoy the Christmas party and the supper with each other!!!

                                                                     Our boss


                                                                Our team dance


                                       Our team receive the reward