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Custom voice MP3 module

18 May 2016 - download sound chip,USB download MP3 module,Xinditai electronic

DT5001-11 p is high quality MP3 sound module, which is an independent research and development by shenzhen xinditai electronic co., LTD.

USB sound module

Product Feature 

1.Support MP3, WAV, high quality audio format file

2.24 bits DAC output, support 90 db dynamic range, SNR support 85 bb

3.15 audio support one-to-one trigger player, 3 IO mouth hardware select eight kinds of trigger mode, applied more widely

4. Supports UART asynchronous serial port control: play, pause, up and down, the volume of add and subtract, selects play, spots, etc

5. Built-in volume, track, EQ power lost memory function

6. Configuration TF (Micro SD) booth, can insert card replacement speech content, maximum support 32 gb memory card

7. Support read U disk, the biggest support 32 gb; Also can through the USB cable directly to replace the TF content inside

8. Comes with 3 w power amplifier, direct external speakers can complete play; Customers can also external single and double channel power amplifier

9. Standard 2.54 mm spacing DIP16 row needles encapsulation, compact and beautiful


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