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15 Mar 2016 - Musical chip,download sound chip,Xinditai electronic,musical sound chip,pnp download sound chip

Lei Feng said:" Some people say that they were busy working, no time to study. I think the problem is not busy, but would you like to study, will squeeze time"

Shenzhen xinditai electronic company team pay attention to learning and training. Last week, we attend the meaningful training courses. The teacher is Mike who come from Egypt, he is a very famous and respectable teacher in foreign trade circle. We learn how to analyze buyers' behave and how to improve our foreign cultural level. All of us are benefit from his interesting class.

We pay attention to learning, not only go out to attend classes, we also participate in internal training. What's more important, we should Initiate and update product knowledge, and develop a degree of proficiency and professionalism. For instance, Shenzhen xinditai electronic factory specialized in custom music chip, recordable sound module, USB download sound module, those modules have different functions, different electronic components, different sound duration, different sizes and so on. If you are professional, you can provide best solution to your clients.


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