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Leo 's birthday party

10 Dec 2015 - Shenzhen Xinditai Electronics Company

Today is Leo’s birthday party.  Leo is an one of outstanding sales in Shenzhen Xinditai Electronics Company. We have a variety of activities for celebrating his birthday, Such as dinner party, KTV and Dance Competition and so on. All of us are happy and excited.

“I appreciate that I can be a member of Xinditai, it’s my honor to know each other. Thank you for everyone celebrating my birthday, although we are so busy preparing for the mass production with 200000 pieces music chips. Thank you!”

There are professional united team and hard- working staffs in Shenzhen Xinditai Electronics Limited Company. We are united , we help and inspire each other to creative a win-win situation, which likes that our company are committed to achieve a win-win situation with our customers.


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