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Light up lipstick chip

09 Nov 2015 - led module,led light up chip,factory

Today, we have finished the mass production of led Light up lipstick chip of famous.

The led flashing light up for advertising about the famous lipstick brand in India. "i do believe that you can offer high quality led light up chips for my cover of magazine, so i gonna place an order with 250000 pcs led modules with press button." Mony, one of the customers who come from India, Mony had been visited our company and our factory to check the samples of led Light up lipstick chip before place an order. 

There are five different colors with the led flashing module, each button is corresponded to one color.

Shine lipstick chip

“I appreciate that we trust each other and hope we can have a good relationship for a long time, although we meet many problems when we exploit, design and test the colors of led chip, we finish the perfect led light up chips for the best lipstick products because of our professional team and our customers'sincerity." Tyler, sales executive said.