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The momentum of Xinditai's foreign trade is forming

01 Mar 2016 - Xinditai electronic,recordable greeting card module,download sound chip,Musical chip

In January 2016, the value of import and export value of 1.88 trillion yuan in China, which dropped by 9.8% compared with the same period last year. Among, the exports is 1.14 trillion yuan, which fell 6.6% year on year; Imports is 737.54 billion yuan, which fell 14.4% year on year.

It is worth noting that the world trade organization (WTO) in 2015 released by the import and export data of 71 major economies, on average, a 11% drop in exports, imports fell by 12.6%. When global trade are falling, the decline of the lowest in China.

Foreign trade companies improve the quality and avoid price war such as low level of competition, to resist in external reality. To move on both ends of the smiling curve, has become the consensus of the foreign trade enterprises.

Shenzhen Xinditai Electronics Company always offer products with super quality and competitive price, and there are more and more orders from inside and out side of China in two months. This is an era of opportunity and challenge coexist.

In a word, Foreign trade companies make good use of the current loose policy environment, seize the opportunity, to speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading, to raise their competitiveness; Want serious analysis, on the other hand, traditional and emerging market opportunities, exploiting market actively.