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The vibration switch for voice chip

16 Nov 2017 -

First of all, what is the principle of the shock switch?


Today give you a brief introduction of the principle of vibration switch: in induction shaking force transfer induction results to the circuit device size, and make the electronic switch circuit to start work.


Actually vibrate switch has many names, known as vibration switch, there are also some people call it slide switch or shaking switch, etc., vibration switch actually there are many kinds of vibration switch should simply refers to spring switch, do not include ball switch.


Other names, such as sliding switches, shaking switches, and so on, should refer to the ball switch. In order to be convenient, the industry generally unified the spring switch and the ball switch two broad categories are known as the vibration switch.


The speech chip vibration switch is mainly used in electronic toys, education electronic toys, small appliances, sports equipment and various kinds of anti-theft devices.


The speech chip of the vibrating switch is an indispensable electronic component in many electronic products because of its flexible and sensitive trigger.