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Usage of recording card

07 Dec 2015 - Recordable card,recording greeting card

What’s the usage of recording card? It’s our company XDT pleasure to share the introduction and the usage of recordable greeting card to you.

Recording greeting card is that you can record your own sound with bless message through recordable module. Recordable greeting cards are great for the meaningful festival gifts. For instance, birthday greeting card with “happy birthday” sound or songs, Valentines Day cards with “I love you” or some warm messages.

recording wedding invitation card with “invitation message”.

How to use recordable card to record your own message?


1.  Press the “REC” button, when you hear “bebeee”, you can say what you want to say. 2. When you hear”bebeee” again, you should stop recording. 3. Then press the “PLAY” button to play sound. 4. Kindly note that press the “PLAY” button firstly to play message when you get a card, pls don’t press “REC” button, it will  delete previous messages, because recordable card is re-recordable.

If you want to know more about recording cards, please visit the wed site: