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West Point training camp outreach activities

06 Aug 2015 -
Weekend staff to West Point training camp outreach activities, we had a lot of projects, teams turn card race, everyone epilepsy drums, passion 99 seconds, crossing the 4.5-meter class strong, and so, every project we feel deeply, let us realize : Unity is strength; heart called the team together, and only team to go further, the team can conquer all obstacles!
Jack also wrote expand comments:
With today's expansion of learning, I learned some things, thank sum Huang Rong sister gave me this opportunity to learn, first and second projects, mainly leadership team. Give me the deepest feelings of 4.5 m high wall of the third project, the beginning of the face of this wall, I just guess, in the end how many people can go up, I back down a little, because a little afraid of heights, we see no retreat I would insist, in the end I do a ladder, climbed the wall, beyond the self, in fact, is this team everybody affected me, to force me confidence. For the whole team to reach the target point, I would like to Gan human ladder, the team did not reach the target point after forget my ladder and pulled me to the target point, thank the team! A person's strength is difficult to achieve, it is the result of concerted efforts of the whole team. I also play multiple roles we also hope that our team can give me support, the company brought to the highest point, the company further and further away.