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What is Light-emitting principle of luminous cup

03 Mar 2016 - led toys,Xinditai electronic,recordable greeting card,led light toys

Recently, the luminous cup, romantic charming, What 's the glowing principle of light up cup?

We can classify the flashing cup according to different switch modes.

一. Button "on/off" switch

As picture, When you press the button on the bottom of cup, switch on, Led flashing chip will light up.

The luminous principle is same as the luminous principle of led light up chip, Led flashing chip is putted into bottom of the cup to create cup glow effect.

light up cup (16)


二. Inductive switch

There are two iron induced holes on the bottom of the cup, there is no shine with cup before you pour liquid into cup. When there is fluid liquid inside of cup, circuit is closed. Led light will light up. The luminous principle is that using wires to circuit board, tube, battery positive and negative electrode connect to a closed circuit, carrying an electric current. So it is induction of glowing.

light up cup (4)