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What is the flash chip

03 Dec 2015 - flash chip,flash IC

Definition of flash chip: flash chip  is used to being control the light emitting diode driver chip which called flash chips; Affiliated to the MCU; Flash chip is divided into two broad categories according to the output mode, one is positive output chip,  and the other chip is a kind of negative output.

The classification of the flash IC, according to the number of output lines: There are Single-Flash IC, Double flash ICs, three flash ICs, four flash ICs,  five flash ICs, respectively ; According to the pattern of the flash IC output can be divided into: shun flash, flash back and forth, gradient, etc; flash chips also can be classified according to the pattern of the flash IC output section number: single section, multiport sections.

Usage of flash modules can be seen everywhere in our life, Such as the led light up toys, Led decorative lights, article LED lights controller and all kinds of flashers and so on.

flash chip

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