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aircraft carrier departure, hard to say goodbye

14 Jul 2017 -

      To celebrate the return of Hongkong to the motherland 20th anniversary, Chinese's first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship and 3 attached ship, 7, arrived in Hongkong for a visit of five days. This morning, Liaoning ship sailed away from the end of Hong kong.

        In five days, about 4000 people boarded the Liaoning ship, while the number of ships on three ships was about 40 thousand passengers.
Liaoning aircraft carrier formation left Hongkong today

       At 10 a.m., the farewell ceremony was held at Stonecutters Island camp in Hongkong. The farewell ceremony includes the national anthem, the speech by the Chief Secretary for administration of the HKSAR Government and the delivery of souvenirs to the formation commanders. At the end of the ceremony, the Liaoning ship left the Hongkong sea along its route of entry.