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Foreign trade experience sharing

07 Dec 2015 - sound chips,led moudle,factory

This is a big training for foreign trade sales, which held by Alibaba group, and you can read our company's introduction and our website at the billboards.

Mike was invited to give us a class, he is a popular and great teacher in China, also he is the boss of a jewelry company. He is from Egypt. He shared his rich experiences about foreign trade with us. It's our honor to have this class, and we do benefit a lot from his sharing.


"We have a factory of customized custom sounds modules and led module for some creative gifts with voice and light functions, We have to show our best serve and our sincerity to customers. What is the most important thing is that we have to learn our customers' culture and manners in order to communicate with each other availability and offer the best serve they want." Tyler said, our sales executive.