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Applications of voice sound chip

28 Nov 2015 - voice chips,sound module

XDT want to share the application of voice sound module with you. In the early years, the voice chip has been used in many applications widely, such as electronic organ, musical toys, gifts and other fields and so on.

With the improvement of living standards, Sound modules have already can't satisfy the large market demand, Voice chips began to be became smarter, For instance sound module chips are made to be cooperated with different inductive switches, intelligent receiving device as well as the application of voice reminders.

story talking box1

At present,  the external FLASH CARDS are expanded into the large capacity of voice products, not only can satisfy personality voice with the special welcome words of supermarkets, shopping malls , corridor, restaurant,  but also satisfy demands of special requirements of safety voice prompt. Voice chips can also support voice DIY user at the same time, which create more characters, more attractive, special words of welcome. 

Now popular OTP voice chip and the relevant product are used with SD card combination.