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Custom Led Chip With Its Price

28 Jan 2016 - Xinditai electronic,led toys,led lights toy

DT8025 including high-precision of quasi resonant constant current controller and power MOSFET, Dedicated to high reliable, high efficiency, single inductor, extremely compact peripheral components of isolation medium and small power LED lighting.

DT8025 uses the BUCK circuit structure, working in critical conduction mode, Adopting quick DMOS self-powered patent technology which can save high voltage starting resistance. The chip provides a very comprehensive self-recovery protection function, such as over-current protection by cycle, ring opening protection, over temperature protection, CS resistance short-circuit protection and LED short circuit protection, etc.  Built-in high voltage start-up circuit and low power consumption of the chip, which is good for higher work efficiency. Under the mode of constant current, current and output power can be adjusted by CS foot resistance RS.

Led chip price: Normally, the price of square chip is more expensive than that of round chip, high power led chips must be more expensive than that of small power led chip.