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How to Make Recordable Greeting Cards

16 Sep 2016 - recordable greeting card,recordable greeting card module

How to Make Recordable Greeting Cards

Greeting cards make any occasion special. Giving a greeting card lets the other person know you're thinking about her and that you care, whether it be a birthday, holiday or even sympathy card. Many people personalize greeting cards by adding photographs and hand-written notes, but for a different sort of personal touch, add a recordable voice module on which you have recorded a message--in your voice--to the card's recipient. Imagine how Grandma will feel when she opens her card and hears her grandchildren's voices singing "Happy Birthday to You."

Things You'll Need

·         Recordable voice module

·         1 piece 8.5 x 11-inch card stock

·         Card embellishments

·         Adhesive

·         Purchase a card at the store, print one using a downloaded template, or create your own unique handmade card.

·         Purchase a recordable greeting card module. The modules come in three styles. One style detects light, so when the recipient opens the card, the recording is activated. Another type works when the recipient pushes a button, and the third module style contains a small clear plastic tab that is automatically pulled when the card's cover is opened.

·         Record your message on the module by following the manufacturer's directions. Some of these modules allow one-time recording only so practice what you want to say ahead of time.

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