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Introduction of the music football opener

26 Jul 2017 -

The shape of a beer opener for the football, in the open bottle can send a vivid scene sound, allowing you to enjoy the charm of sports. Opener at the bottom of the embedded four strong small magnets, you could attach it to the refrigerator.



1. Size: Dia65x60mm (height).

2. Material: ABS + Sound module + Magnet.

3. Sound duration: 1-360S, customized.

4. Battery type: AG13 * 2.

5. Playback current: around 80 mAh / hour (depending on sound size).

6. Playback db: 30CM test distance, sub-chanting for the 80-90DB.

7. Function: When opening beer lid, it can play music.


How To Use:

1. Play Music when opening beer bottle lid.

2. Stick onto metal for home decoration, cause it has built-in magnet on back.

music football opener


1. Do not try to tear the internal parts by yourself;

2. Do not place it in a humid or high temperature environment for a long time;

3. Do not burn it.