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Manufacturer custom mini handheld basketball

10 Mar 2016 - Xinditai electronic,Musical chip,led toys,led light toys

Shenzhen Xinditai electronics company custom led light up music toy, we specialized in music sound toy and luminous product.

Name: Mini handheld basketball toy

Function: the latest electronic toy, you can handheld  the basketball court.

In a delicate transparent sphere, there is a electronic shooting device; Ball boxes, a full set of configuration is complete basketball. Inside is equipped with a timer, basketball box do a shadow switch, when the basketball into the timer will help you take two points, at the same time, the LED will light up and send out the voice of your custom cheering for you! This is a kind of the latest fashion hand movement, can exercise the finger flexibility and wrist flexibility; Some people in, some people hit! The persistent efforts, not the still need to try hard! It is also a new way of leisure sports, especially suitable for nervous rhythm of life learning, pressure groups, can relieve nerves, relieve stress; Learning, life, work, travel, walking, riding time can play anytime and anywhere! and can set different rules of the game.