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Multifunction jump rope

25 May 2016 - jump rope,multifunction

In our daily life ,exercise plays a important role. More and more people are willing to do exercise. Physical training is very important to us.

Doing exercise is really necessary for everyone and we’d better take some time to do exercises every day. It is a good method to relax our brain.

At the same time, digital jump rope are most popular.

There is a digital counting jump rope. Shenzhen xinditai electronic company specializes in producing all kinds of digital jump rope.

1. jump rope: rope length 3M, adjustable

2. step counter:0-699999

3. calculate calorie burned

4. calculate distance (0-699.999KM/(MILE)

5. set body weight and step stride:(20-150KG,30-200CM)

6. time function: display minute, second simutaneously.12/24 hour format

7. stopwatch function:59'59"99

8. handle material: ABS+ transparent ABS rope material: pvc


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