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Musical greeting cards recommended when Tanabata background music

06 Aug 2015 -
Tanabata is a beautiful holiday, so the background music in musical greeting cards choices must choose Select melodic, beautiful songs, I gave you recommend some music, guaranteed by both good-looking greeting cards in the music, and nice!
  Tanabata not leave the winter, but the advent of autumn, with a little lonely and miss, walking in the warmth in the cool autumn air Shenzhe, imagine how they will meet the accident, but he did not appear, everything is not so good, only " ...... I met you the most beautiful accident ....... "
Worth it
  Tanabata is my childhood heard the legend did not ask why so difficult also insisted that it is worthwhile because love always feel good, or bad, the past is the future, because of love, so it's worth;.. Because love so brave love, do not think back, even temporary separation, even thoughts, never retreat, because of love, so "worth it", "cold weather will come back."
  Tanabata, the weather began to cool, oh. That legend under the grape arbor can hear the whisper of fear is a beautiful dream, right? We grow up with the dream and reality of alternating years, from watching others beautiful interpretation of love to own personal experience, from convinced that dream is coming to the dream as a collection, fly heart, who has returned, remember that "cold on the back."
Stephy "Tanabata"
se7en's "Tanabata"
Wu "Tanabata rain"
Ayaka Hirahara "Tanabata"
"Magpie Bridge Tanabata"
"Tanabata Love Story"
"Tanabata leisurely"
Andy Lau's "reed pipe"
Hu Yao's "Acacia semicircle"
Above the songs are very beautiful tone, oh, make sure you use the music greeting card music card open at night, listen to the voice of the soul.