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Oreo with light control movement principle to create hot product

03 Aug 2017 -

According to the description of the Oreo music box, we cut the Oreo half into the music box,.The music box sounded the music, but when I cut off more into it and then into another music.

On the basis of the principle, I use the coin to different degrees of cover which issue a different music.Music box is by blocking the above five induction points to achieve music switching, sensing points cover one, will play the second song, cover Live 2, will play the third song,and so on.There are five songs inside the Oreo music box in total.



Music box is equipped with a magnetic switch, the opposite side of the magnetic are not the same so it will produce different music, which is Oliver music box black technology charm.

Combined with creative use of light control and magnetic control function to create a hot product, not only good reputation for creativity, but also by everyone's favorite.


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