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Speech recognition module parameters and application fields

24 Aug 2017 -

         Speaker-dependent speech recognition recording playback voice chip SR150X, 30 biggest recognition entry, which can realize recording, playback, LED luminous tube output and motor control.SR150X speaker-dependent speech recognition, recording, playback, LED, music, motors, control movement can make the product more interesting, entertaining, widely used in intelligent intelligent plush toys, dolls, plastic dolls, gifts and other industries.


        1, support voltage: 2.4 V to 2.4 V;

        2, support for multiple entry recognition, support for multiple language identification;

       3, IO control, can be realized through the IIC, DSA and communication protocol of external control;

       4, support for multiple voice compression format, according to the actual need to arbitrary switching in the software, realizes the sound quality and the perfect combination of voice length;

       5, support two recording format, customers can choose according to actual demand;

       6, auto sleep and wake up function;

      7, built-in 0.5 W power amplifier;

      8, built-in RTC clock, calendar can run time;

       9, built-in thermometer program, can real-time induction.

       Unique to the software of virtual machine technology, as long as the hardware resources can match, all the software functions can be realized through the Flash side, effectively reduce the guest MASK and inventory risk, more product can be achieved by a single chip, realize zero inventory, the price of the MASK, OTP performance.

      Speaker-independent speech recognition support nine kinds of voice, convenient for customers to develop international products.Customers in the development, use new tang ASR Tool tools, only the required commands written text mode, and then through the Tool, can generate speech recognition code modules for the project file, simple and easy to use.

      This kind of voice recognition scheme is suitable for the voice control system field, use voice to control the operation of the equipment, relative to manual control is more quick, convenient, can be used in areas such as intelligent home appliances, intelligent wear, acoustic intelligence toys and many other fields.