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The origin of coated paper

06 Aug 2015 -
In the production process of making music greeting cards, often are used in coated paper, coated paper what is it? Musical greeting cards factory - new Ditai Electronic tell you the whole story.
    Coated paper is called the mainland, Hong Kong, called the pink paper, is one of the paper in the printing industry to use more of. In Hong Kong, the name for the paper, almost is well known. But in the mainland, but not many know, why? Gein mutual communication between the lack of men.
    Pink paper in English formerly known as Art Paper, it is a common name exotic. This paper is in the middle of the 19th century, first by the British developed a coating process out of paper. The thin white china clay, etc. to reconcile into paint brush evenly wipe the surface of the base paper (coated on one or both sides), will be made of advanced printing paper. Because the process is like for women to dusting the face like, so he called for the pink paper. In fact, Art Paper thirties had translated in Chinese art paper (literally). Because it was time to take this paper to the fine print in the European paintings, proofing is used copperplate etching plates. So to use the naming convention based on, the art paper used is called copperplate copperplate printing (printing) paper. Mainland China's printing paper industry colleagues, regarded Art Paper called coated paper, coated paper and not called.
By the way, some books on the art paper translated Copper Plate Paper, or Enameled Paper is not enough accurate. The former mistaken for the kind of paper like copper, it should be translated as the Fourth Edition of the paper, which should be glossy paper (Taiwan called Li-paper).
 Coated paper often used in greeting card production process, so choose a good coated paper is very important!