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The story is happened because of the flashing fan

09 Nov 2017 -
I recognized Mr.Harley (in order to protect the privacy, so I did not write the full name) because of he send the inquiry about the flashing fan to me on 2017-07-02.he represent the Columbians Drum and Bugle Corps.An American (Non profit) youth,music activity.he need some flashing fan with their logo for their fans.

When I check the messages I reply he in Alibaba and email,and I received his reply soon,but the first sentence let me depression,because I did not understand his requriments totally,let him almost want to give me disappointed to myself.


But I did not give up,I reply him soon and tell him battery,black fan body and logo is no problem,ask he if can send me some picture please.Mr.Harley reply soon and send many pictures for me to help me understand what he need.


Because it is a trial order and the weather getting cold,we change the quantity and I offer a better design of the logo etc.Finally we get the same point and confirmed this order.and in this process,so appreciate that Mr.Harley always can reply me in the first time.let me feel be respected.


Mr.Harley said he is shock that I offer the good service for so small order. we chat much on whats,my target is more order in the future,and I believe if  I give a big help to my customer ,they will give a big help to me in the future.but now I can not open the whats because its bug.but I will remember his word really inspire me .and the most touching thing is he introduce other customer to me ,did not have any customer do this to me for now.I am so shock that do not how to express my feeling. I also have confirmed other new order with Ann.she give a good feedback.hope she can create more potential market.

Light the fan


Finally,I want to share a picture of Mr.Harleys show,it like a big party.I wish someday I will travel aboard and see it by my own eyes and give a big hug to Mr.Harley.he let me know even the world is big,even our language is different,but it the other side of the earth ,and a nice and kind people know me and we work together to get the same is a amazing feeling.

My work style is treat the customer sincerely,you will get more back from life. it also is one of the theme in our company.thats the reason why our company can in this electronic line for 14 years.