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Voice sound chip with infrared sensor

07 Jan 2016 - download sound chip,sound chip,pnp download sound chip,Shenzhen xinditai electronics company

Do you have any idea about the infrared sound chip?

Actually, The application of IR sensor voice chip is very extensive in our life. For instance, when you enter the door of shop, the door will open automatically and you can listen welcome sound. Besides, the switch of light, when you leave room, light is off automatically, and you enter room, light up. Which is good for saving source. It is very convenient!

In addition, there are a lot of choices of switches for sound chips, such as acoustic, electric, shadow control, vibration, touches, extrusion and buttons switches, etc. Shenzhen xinditai electronics co., Ltd specializing in making all kinds of voice chips, also can provide all kinds of sound chips with customize switch. 


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