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Function of plush toy sound modules

08 Mar 2017 -

They are applicable to all kinds of toys, the specific size can be adjusted according to the size of the toy. There are five functional buttons---power switch button, the last song button, the next song button, volume plus, volume reduction and key device button.  There are also placement USB interface, SD card slot, and Bluetooth mode and other functions.


Function introduction:

1. Power switch button: press the power button, play boot music; press the shutdown button again, play the turning off the music.

2. Switch button: this product can set multiple modes, such as children's songs, stories, Tang poetry, English textbooks, etc. It can switch between these modes.

3. Volume plus / next song: combination function keys, you can also separate them out. Click once to trigger the next song, press and hold it to trigger volume plus.

4. Volume reduction / previous song: combination function keys, click once to trigger a song, press and hold it to trigger volume reduction.

5. Play pause button: Press once to pause, press once to play.

6.USB port : it can be used for charging, it can also be used to connect U disk reading, mobile phone and computer data transfer function.

7. SD card, TF card slot: it could be used to read SD card and TF card content.

8. Bluetooth reception: you can connect Bluetooth to play music on your phone or tablet.