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2017 Company annual summary

08 Mar 2018 -

Time passing quickly, look back to last 2017, too much sign with emotion in our heart, hard with sweet, dream with tears, succeed with sweat, toast to time, we will go ahead to a better future.


Firstly, In passed 2017, our sell volume had grown for two times than 2016, reach 1,000,000USD.


Secondly, our sound button E-bey and Amazon market capacity ratio reach 25%, that means, sound buttons you could see in stores may from our factory.


Thirdly, we had established business relation with with some big company among the world, such as BUDWEISER, ROCALA, BVV football club and Colgate, their project give our simple products meaningful, and give us our chances to touch more customers in this world, and enjoy the fun our products with.


Look forward to the future 2018, we will keep updating our service and quality to satisfy our customer, hope more and more people in the world could get the opportunity to use and enjoy our products.