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Chinese New Year Present

27 Jan 2016 - recordable greeting card,Xinditai electronic,recordable greeting card module

As the Chinese New Year is coming, Have you prepared anything for present?

As we known, Spring Festival is a traditional festival for celebrating Chinese New Year. Festival gift giving is a traditional concept, and red color  symbolizes lucky and auspicious, we can see that many people are in red clothes and the gifts are packaged with red color.

Xinditai electronics company is manufacturer of customized musical and recordable gifts. Employees get many creative recordable greeting cards and talking plush toys for present.

Recording greeting card can record your best bless messages or even sing a song, then you can give card to someone you love. Talking plush toys are funny, plush toys can talk and sing with the sound module, Children and young girls are prefer love these gifts.

Innovative and creative greeting cards with sound modules are suitable for the festival present.

 talking plush toy

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