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Happy Birthday Party from XDT

05 Jan 2021 -

 Bithday is one of most important Time for each of us. Still remember that when i was a child. I always expect for my each year’s birday. Since i miss my cake and delicious food made by my parents for me. What a happy time. And each year my parent will remember my birday .But after graduattion and start work. And so busy each year. Nearly forget what birthday it is sometimes. But as our workers of XDT.We are so lucky that our Boss and company is always remember each of  ours birthday. Each month, we’ll hold a great birthday party for all the god of longevity.What a pleasure and special  thing that many people are celebrating together. We made cake. Delicious food. Dancing etc. Really feel so happy and great apprecitated that join XDT this happy warm big familes. I think maybe the reason that Some of our workers here even working here over 10years. Let’s always remember this happy time.Word hard play hard.Cheers.


Let’s look them happy smile face.Here below some of our happy times photos for memory record.Cheers