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Sound Chip

10 Sep 2016 - Musical chip,download sound chip,Xinditai electronic
Sound Chips and Voice Chips, (sometimes also known as Sound Modules), can be used for a wide variety of applications, including Promotional Products, Invitations, Advertising Print, Promotional Packaging and Talking Cards. 

Shenzhen xinditai electonics company can produce the electronic sound chips with either a push button or slide switch to activate the sound. Other methods of activation can also be achieved such as light, motion or impact. 

You can choose or create any voice message or sound effect up to 2 minutes long. You can send us your custom sound file in .WAV or MP3 audio format. We can then pre-record your chosen sound onto each of the sound chip circuits. Please contact us to discuss your sound chip requirements in detail. 

Size will vary depending on specification. Components can be mounted onto a self-adhesive label for quick assembly. 

sound chip

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