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Transmit love with cares to old people

21 Jan 2016 - xinditai electronics,shenzhen xinditai electronics

Shenzhen xinditai electronics team has participated in the activity " To be with you” about transmit love with cares to old people. This activity was held in 17th Jan,  Xinditai electronics team were volunteers in this significative activity.

There are many companies take part in this party, Shenzhen xinditai electronics company is one of these companies. The party was held in Nursing Home for celebrating old people’s birthdays, those old people are very happy. We talk to old people and help them. At the party, we singed and danced, and gave many excellent performances. They said they were happy and grateful.

Company should take the social responsibility, which plays an important role in the social development. We are so happy to be volunteers in this meaningful activity.


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