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The development of Music module

01 Jun 2018 -

   The origins of the musical movement can be traced back to the medieval European Renaissance. At that time, in order to make the bell tower of the church, and the size of the clock mounted on the mechanical device, known as "can send the sound of the group bell."


   The use of music movement: music movement is a mechanical vibration to produce music mechanical device, is a variety of gifts and toys supporting the key products. Has been widely used in handicrafts, gift boxes, plastic toys, plush toys , Resin art, ceramic art, glass art, wood products, jewelry boxes, lighting, holiday gifts, jewelry gifts, crystal ball, and other fields.

Music module


   Our company has been focused on the electronics industry for 14 years, in the music movement above, we developed a different type of music movement, in the switch, we have a variety of different types of switches, such as light control music movement, magnetically controlled music Movement, pull-push music module,motion sensor music module etc,it can be use in gift boxes, music books, and so on ; in size, we will be based on the customer, the customer will be able to use the music module in their own product,

   In the music sound quality,we can adjust the volumn of the music, music time, and sound quality effects, so that the music movement from all aspects of perfection; in quality assurance, we have a variety of Certificate and can give quality assurance, so that customers worry-free.


Quality is our culture, produce the  products with good-quality, offer the best service to our customers ,that is the XDT's insistence.

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