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The use of the plush toys and common problems

01 Mar 2017 -

  An introduction of the function of the Led plush toys and common problems in the voice plush toys, xinditai electronic will arrange some points here.

  plush toys music function method of use:

  In plush toys in the toy movement design we have two lines, one is the USB line, a is an audio line.Insert the USB cable into the computer (or buy a can connect the power plug of the USB line, insert the power supply socket);To access the audio line player (such as mobile phone, computer, tablet, etc.), you can play music.

  Second, the shining plush toys shine function method of use:

  There are two ways to power supply light function

  1, use the USB power supply

  Pull out the inside of the product the USB line, insert the computer (or buy a can connect the power plug of the USB line, insert the power supply socket), products began to glow.(customize according to the customer)

  2, with 3*AAA batteries

  First open the lower right of the zipper, take out the battery box opened the battery lifted the lid, in the correct position in the 3 section 5, battery, cover box, pulled the switch ON the battery compartment to "ON" position, into the battery compartment zipper pull.Product design is a vibration sensor, a beat it will automatically light over time will automatically shut down.(product light shine can be customized)


  Product usage:

  1. Fashion gift

  2. Home decoration, car decoration

  3. Nap companion

  4. Listen to the music

  5. Learning relief supplies

  6. relieve insomnia supplies

  Scope of application: holiday gifts, birthday gifts, lovers gifts

  Common question answering questions:

  Q, plush toys have music in itself?

  A: There is no music in plush toy, play the music in the plush toy is external player songs, such as mobile phone, computer, tablet, etc.

  Q,Can plush toy adjust tune?

  Answer: the volume of plush toys, is changing with player size, itself is not adjustable (can be customized product volume button)

  Q, why physical glow so bright without pictures?

  Answer: because light product picture was shot in the dark, night shooting needs higher ISO sensitivity adjustment will make clear, so bright and physical, how in your product please open the switch, again in photo metric darker places such glowing effect is the best.

  Q, why do I insert audio line into the computer, haven't started to play music, listen carefully to hear product a faint sizzling?

  A: that's because you have dust computer audio jack, not clean enough, will cause a noise like zi zi, please clean up the computer and then insert audio.Try or inserted into the mobile phone voice.